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Manage everything from information about employees, planned projects to registered expenses and holidays in the same system.


This is Planfish

Littlefish’s own solution Planfish consists of three modules; Employee, Time and Expense Management. Discover and get to know more about how the module works together and share data with each other. And how the functionality will help you optimize your administrative workload. Our vision is or to create links between departments within your organization.

Discover Planfish, read more about our functions below!

Our product

Employee Management

With Employee Management you can, for instance, manage your employee data, absences, and recruitment processes.

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Time Management

Time Management allows you to handle time registration and makes project planning simpler and more efficient.

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Expense Management

With Expense Management, you get an overview of your companies expenses, as well as cost for both internal and external activites.

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A crucial part of the digital revolution is the possibility to combine administrative processes. Functions within the organization are supposed to integrate and cooperate, not stand in the way for each other. To achieve this, we want Planfish to be master through open API. You will be able to insert you data into Planfish, and then integrate it with your ERP and pay system. No matter the number of components in your system, we want your processes to have a common flow and act as driving forces for each other. Just like an echo system.

We offer ready-made integrations in the cloud with SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics. All major payroll systems in the Swedish market that have chosen the file format PAXml for data transfer can be integrated with Planfish. Through integration with Excel and .csv format, it is possible to use all information in Planfish in most B1 systems on the market.

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