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Employee data & Employee Register

Planfish makes it easy to collect employee data in one place. All employees get their own personal profile, containing employment information, documents, goals, competences, and much more. By gathering all information regarding the employees in one place, you can save time and ensure that no important information gets lost. Here you can also find an employee register, where the employees kan find contact information to their colleagues.

Onboarding & Offboarding

Planfish streamlines multiple steps during the process of onboarding and offboarding by gathering all relevant information in one place. With Planfish, you can manage recruitment processes, prepare interviews and add CV’s and personal letters. Store everything in the same place and avoid applications from getting lost.

Hiring new talent calls for more than a signature on a piece of paper. In many cases, there is a need for a computer, keys, a mobile phone, keycard and parking pass. With Planfish, you can streamline this process. Here, you can make sure that all inventories that the new employee needs are ready on the first day of the employment. By reducing the number of intermediaries and mail threads that easily causes details to be missed, valuable time can be added to other important work tasks.

Planfish makes it easy to give the new employee a thorough introduction to the organization. Each employee will have their own profile where information about their salary, holidays and personal information is gathered.


Applying for vacation or reporting for sick leave is easily conducted by the employees through their private Planfish accounts. The planning and structuring of holidays becomes efficient with Planfish, since all employees’ requests can be managed in Planfish, and all vacation days will be visual in the mutual vacation schedule. The process of applying for vacation gets easier and less time demanding, as it can be conducted in a smooth way through Planfish. The manager gets a notification stating that an employee wants to take a few days off, and can easily approve the request in Planfish.

Performance Appraisals

Planfish allows both manager and employee to prepare for upcoming performance appraisals. The manager and employee get to rank a couple of questions and statements prepared by the manager regarding the employee’s situation. Planfish will then tell the manager where the two parties are disagreeing, which makes it possible to focus on the right things during the appraisals. These questions can then be used as basis when constructuing new goals for the employee.

Inventory Management

Att hålla koll på alla de datorer, nycklar och systemaccesser som finns på bolaget blir mycket enklare med Planfish. Start by registering all your inventories in Planfish, and define who has been allocated every inventory, as well who is responsible for handing out the inventories. This process allows you to save valuable time, as you do not need to spend time keeping track of and searching for your inventories. Further, the inventory management function is an important part of the onboarding process. Here you can use Planfish to allocate inventories to the new employee, ensuring that a computer and a mobile phone will be ready on the employee’s first day.

Activity Diary

We wanted to develop a tool where coworkers can work together to reach their goals and, at the same time, encourage physical activity. With the Planfish activity diary, the user can report workouts and share with the coworkers and start competitions at the office. We do hope that this will encourage the users to strive for a more active everyday life together.


To make sure that your employees feel safe with you as an employer, Planfish manages all personal data in accordance with GDPR As an employee, you can easily see what data is stored about you, and at the end of employment, the relevant data will be deleted. Here you can read more about how Planfish processes your personal data.

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