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Planfish is the digital employee portal that collects all important employee data in one place. Planfish suits the organization who wants to take the next step in their digitalization journey and who want to create a better strucutre for managing their employee data.

We understand that the step towards digitalization might feel overwhelming. That is why we will be with you every step of the way to contribute with our expertise and give you advice on how you best proceed. In addition, Planfish is an easy to use the tool and the implementation is easy to get started with. You’ll get up and running with the system in no time and be able to use the tool as an efficient system in your organization.


How to choose the right employee tool?

Choosing the right way when digitalizing your employee data is an important task, and it deserves some thoughts! That is when the results will be as best as possible In our purchase guide, we list 7 steps that you can follow to find the perfect system that can help you meet your needs.

Purchase guide

Why digitize?

Digitizing their processes is important for several reasons. Without full access to reliable data, it will be more difficult for your company to make reliable decisions for the future, as well as, correct patterns that are faulty. In addition to this, a digital employee portal helps you create a structure for your employee data, as well as make it easier for your employees to manage their own personal information. A digital employee portal will also portrait you as a modern employer, which can attract talents in the future.

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Does it sound like Planfish could be the key to success for your organization? Find out more about how you contact us if you have any questions or are interested to book a demo of the system.

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