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The time has come for the digital revolution to get a seat at the table in the companies’ internal processes. Because, the most valuable asset of a company is its employees. This asset might not be visable at the balance sheet,but it is there and contributes to success. Planfish is the digital HR solution that enables companies and employees to develop together and learn from each other. The human capital is, after all, in the lead and we think it deserves a place at the digital table. Introducing Planfish, the future of digital HR solutions. We are ready for the change. Are you?


Imagine if there was a solution that makes it possible to manage projects and follow-ups, and at the same time gives the staff a platform where they can keep track of their employment, apply for leave and prepare for performance appraisals. Now there is! Planfish is part of Littlefish, which delivers and implements the ERP called SAP Business One. By combining the control and strength of the ERP system with the flexibility and ease of use of Planfish, a winning combo is created. Read more about this solution, as well as the campaign that we currently have below!


The future is in the cloud.

We want everyone to have time to focus on what they are passionate about, instead of getting caught up in administrative processes. The fact is that the HR department manages the capacity within the organization and without keeping that department up to date, financial problems could follow Our cloud based, digital HR solution makes it possible to manage the talents within the organization, as well as maximizes the customer experience by matching the right competence to the right project.

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