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Planfish is the digital HR solution that makes administrative processes easier and less time-consuming. Gather all the information regarding your employees in one easy-to-use system. There are many advantages to gathering everything in one place with the help of a system: the employee gets a better overview of their employment and can handle several administrative tasks themselves, for example leave requests. In addition to this, data and reports contribute important insights on how you can move your organization into the future, and reduce the risk that important information gets lost in long email threads.

We understand that it can feel like a big move to digitize your HR processes. That is why we will be with you every step of the way to contribute with our expertise and give you advice on how you best proceed. In addition, Planfish is an easy to use the tool and the implementation is easy to get started with. You’ll get up and running with the system in no time and be able to use the tool as an efficient system in your organization.


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How do you choose an HR-system that’s best for you?

When you’re about to invest in an HR-system, it requires a lot of consideration, that’s how the result will turn out the best! In our purchase guide, we list 7 steps that you can follow to find the perfect system that can help you meet your needs.

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Why digitize?

Digitizing their processes is important for several reasons. Without full access to reliable data, it will be more difficult for your company to make reliable decisions for the future, as well as, correct patterns that are faulty. In addition to this, an HR-system helps you create a structure for your employee data, as well as make it easier for your employees to manage their own personal information. A digital HR-system will help you attract new talents. A digital system will give your company the appearance of a modern work-space.

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